Generally, when a pack of coffee is opened, regardless of whether they are coffee beans or ground coffee, it will oxidize in a matter of days or even hours. This is because of the long term exposure to oxygen that may turn the coffee rancid. Unlike regular coffee, Coffesso Coffee Pods will not oxidize because every pod is packed in an individual sachet and flushed with nitrogen, thus protecting the coffee from oxidation, resulting in its freshness.

Brewing a cup of espresso with a Coffesso pod is also very simple and convenient, allowing it to be consumed anywhere, anytime. Coffesso Coffee Pod uses a standardized 44 mm diameter Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) hard pod which contains 7 grams of fresh ground coffee. One sachet of Coffesso Pos can only produce one shot of espresso (30 ml) or a cup of lungo sized coffee (90ml). The extraction is controlled at a specific temperature and flow, producing a very consistent quality and taste.


Coffee grown in different regions result in different coffee characteristics, thus allowing Indonesia to own a wide variety of sought out, legendary coffee profiles. Coffesso™ introduced three legendary Indonesian coffee beans, the Atjeh Gayo, Soenda Preanger, and Java Mocha. Coffesso’s™ individual-oxygen-proof sachets are roasted and packed within one plant to ensure the freshness of their beans every time they are served.


Experience tranquil coffee moments by bringing Asian Traditional Roast Coffee into your cup. Expertly roasted and individually protected in an air-free, pressurized foil to keep its freshness and authentic aromas.