In Spain, the brands manufactured by Quality Espresso are the benchmarks used by foodser vice professionals when considering commercial espresso and cappuccino coffee machines. Gaggia is probably the first brand to come to mind due to historic reasons. Gaggia arrived in Barcelona in 1952, four years after Achile Gaggia filed the patent for espresso coffee extraction in Italy. In 1956, a competitor arrived in Spain in the shape of Faema. The presence of these two brands in Barcelona meant that Spain participated from the start in the expansion of Mediterranean espresso culture.

The Gaggia and Faema entities in Spain eventually separated from their parent companies. The former had created the Visacrem brand in 1967 and began selling in export markets under this brand. The latter created the Futurmat brand in 1978, and this rapidly expanded to become the number one selling brand in Spain.

One of the key contributions to espresso technology is the incorporation of vertical release electro-valves under the group heads, which was developed in Barcelona, and is now used by all our competitors. In 2001, Quality Espresso purchased these two historic brands. With its headquarters in the Barcelona factory built by Faema in the 1960’s, Quality Espresso sells espresso equipment around the world under the brand names Futurmat, Gaggia, Visacrem, Italcrem, and Mairali (the latter two brands having been created in 1957 and 1989 respectively).

Elegantly designed machines crafted in a traditional manner for perfect operation.
The processes and systems of Quality Espresso comply with ISO 9001:15


A perfect cup of coffee can make almost any moment more wonderful. Learning from restaurant operators, coffee roasters, and coffee lovers has helped us create innovative and efficient products for you, your employees and your customers. That’s the knowledge and passion that inspires and pushes us to Make It Wonderful.

Every Franke automatic coffee machine is packed with true passion for coffee and 100 percent Swissness. Our broad, modular product portfolio offers the ideal solution to meet any wish your customers may have.

Select the variety of coffee, cup size, and operating mode – service or self-service – individually. With our commercial coffee machines, making coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and hot chocolate is wonderfully easy. A Franke fully automated coffee machine is extremely simple to use: a single touch is all it takes to serve up wonderful barista coffee, milk creations, chocolate, and tea. The quick and easy preparation is unbeatable in self-service and food-service operations.


Regardless of how many cups of coffee you prepare each day, Franke offers the right fully automatic coffee machine with the perfect foam for any capacity. From the A200 to the brand new A1000, our versatile Foammaster 850 and the C250FM capsule coffee machine – high quality coffee and perfect foam have never been easier to come by.


The perfect foam is required to blend the components together perfectly. The dynamic foam from our fully automatic coffee machine is sure to captivate coffee lovers – its consistency can be adjusted continuously while the beverages are being prepared. Barista foam for cappuccino, latte macchiato or flavored milk drinks.


The Franke coffee machine has received multiple awards for its simple and intuitive handling. We want to simplify work in restaurants while not compromising on quality in the cup. Touch screens that can be tailored to your individual requirements are a big plus for your staff and are available on all our fully automatic coffee machines, whatever the capacity.


Complying with the most stringent HACCP hygiene standards is a matter of course for Franke. Choose from the automatic cleaning system EasyClean, which requires the cleaning fluid to be added manually, or CleanMaster, the fully automatic cleaning system with an integrated cleaning cartridge.



POD coffee machines are the perfect choice to be enjoyed at home, hotels or even offices, allowing coffee lovers to have an espresso quest without the hassle of storing multiple bags of coffee beans or having to clean the coffee machine every time the coffee beans need replacing. They produce consistent results that are notoriously difficult to attain using standard espresso machines and most bean-to-cup models.