July 2017

Gebyar Senam Olahraga Klub Jantung Sehat


Dilmah Tea participated in the event organized by the Indonesian Heart Foundation to encourage people to live healthier through "Gebyar Senam Olahraga Klub Jantung Sehat".   Organized in campgrounds located in Ragunan, this activity was followed by 8000 members from Healthy Heart Club incorporated in Jakarta and the Thousand Islands. The kinds of activities that [...]

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Grand Opening Mall Summarecon Bekasi


As one of the prestigious icon on Bekasi, Summarecon bekasi announced its Grand Opening Ceremony on 27 July 2013. During this event, Summarecon Bekasi also will conduct its first midnight sale with discount up to 70% on certain merchants. Along with the event, Foodhall Summarecon bekasi also took part by giving a great discount for [...]

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February 2015

Viva Launching Event


Kedaung, one of the biggest glassware, chinaware and enamelware manufacturer that has been exist in Indonesia for more than 40 years, now launched its brand new premium product line ëvivaí which aims to reach premium market segment with unique design and made from durable materials. Come and see the ëvivaí launching event at Rumah Inspirasi [...]

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January 2015

Coffesso Indonesian Series


As one of the greatest coffee-producer countries, Indonesia offers a wide tasteful range of coffee from different provinces and islands in Indonesia. The Indonesian coffee is well known for its rich-flavored and fresh natural aroma. Spread out throughout the equator, the coffee beans are selected from their original national regions, and carefully packed to preserve [...]

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Jakarta Wedding Festival


One of the biggest wedding festival organized by weddingku has become the prestigious icon for many years lately. Conducted annualy on JHCC Senayan, this yearís JWF will be held on July 26 ñ 28 2013 from 10 am till 6 pm to amaze visitors on great wedding promotions. Dilmah and coffesso will participate for the [...]

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