“Save our planet, save orangutan”

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“Save our planet, save orangutan”

Every day orangutans lost their habitat due to encroachment and land conversion. Orangutan who previously lived peacefully in their home forest, forced to venture far to find food. Often they go into the garden or human settlements in desperate search of food so that the conflict between humans and orangutans were inescapable.

Because of this reason, orangutans often considered pests. This triggers the occurrence of illegal hunting and capture of endangered species is legally protected. Orangutan mother died, leaving their babies become orphaned. Most of the babies were then living in terrible conditions, ranging from illegally maintained, was forced to appear in the show, or sale on the black market.

Orangutans are now in a situation of danger and their future depends on urgent conservation action to save them from extinction. In order to urge all parties, especially the people of Indonesia.

To take an active role in the rescue of orangutans and their habitat, PT David Roy Indonesia participated in orangutan conservation campaign. ” Save our planet, save the orangutan ” Yes save our earth, when it reaches the point of extinction of the orangutan is a benchmark where forests – forests become narrower and has changed its function.


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