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IndoBuildTech 2016


Indonesia, are one of the most potential market in the world. With the populations more than 200 Million people's, Indonesia become a country that never ending develops. That's why building material's are really important. IndoBuildTech was named as one of the biggest Building Material event's, where buyer's and seller met in a place.


It's an honor for Us, PT. David Roy Indonesia to be a part of this prestigious event. Serving Dilmah Tea and Coffesso Coffee Corner at VIP room.


Since IndoBuildTech are an International event, we also want to introduce our new eCommerce website, to the international market. Meet up with people aboard are a great opprtunity for us. Start from 25 May - 29 May 2016, we bring our best product to all IndoBuildTech visitors.


- Dilmah Tea


- Easiyo Yogurt Indonesia


- Coffesso Coffee Pods


- Java Mocha Coffee Beans


- Franke Coffee Machines


- Espresso, Long Black, Cappucino & Coffee Latte


- And free hot tea for IndoBuildTech2016 Visitors.



As a company, we have a same spirit with IndoBuildTech 2016 and another exhibitors, that's always build our excelent services on food service industry.



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