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Entity of The Dale’s

(the Essence of the Dale’s)

Dale’s builds by Passion of crafted foods that has alluring taste with good ingredients suits healty life style.
Values pass through generation tahat seasons the food market and growt with the industry.
Food is therapy for the soul, good food – good health and good life!
Dale’s share the Goodness.

Creamy latte prepare with teas selection, Matcha and Black, prepare in two different culture tea serving :
Japanese contemplative Matcha Latte and Thailand sweet creamy Thai Tea. The milenial inspirative drinks selection.

Dale's Farm Peanut Butter


Dale's Farm Peanut Butter

With it’s growing Milenial generation starting 18 y.o lead by the 70ers era back.
You can expand your business to embrace the huge corners across Indonesia with food products that inspire many world wide families.
As simples Mix and match or as ingredients to explore the Food service. Dale’s good choice.