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Café and Brasserie Indonesia


“Café and Brasserie Indonesia (CBI) 2016 – is the first dedicated event for the café and brasserie industry in Indonesia. Café and Brasserie Indonesia will be the perfect rendezvous for you to connect, display and market directly to your targeted audiences; be it the café & brasserie owners, investors and the industry professionals or to the over 10,000 café lovers who will be attending this 3 days activities-filled event ( 1 – 3 September 2016 , Jakarta Convention Center).


It's an honor for Us, PT. David Roy Indonesia to be a part of this prestigious event. Serving Dilmah Tea and Coffesso Coffee Corner at VIP room.


As a company, we have a same spirit with Café and Brasserie Indonesia and another exhibitors, that's always build our excelent services on food service industry.



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